Antonio Pietro Fazio operates in the world of communication since the 90s. Creative Director, Film Director, Photographer and Reporter, he has collaborated over the years in the development of dozens of Advertising Campaigns on behalf of top Italian and International brands.



“Since my university days, I have cultivated my passions for photography, music, and creative writing. I started to collaborate with several newspapers. I was looking for a professional field that would offer me the possibility of expressing my potential. After two years of writing I decided to get involved with institutional communication and marketing by working at IBM and then at Computer Associates. In 1994 I, decided to found my creative communication agency. It was a natural path. Finally I could range and make available to brands my creativity together with the experiences which I had by collaborating with high-level company teams. Since then I have developed multiple communication and advertising campaigns. Now I am free to give space to several creative interests. I love my work, I like photography, making videos, documentaries and films for my clients and at the same time cultivating my other passions such as writing, music and art.”  Antonio

Antonio on set of the documentary film Iceland - Unfinished Love

Services and Contacts

If your company is looking for a creative, experienced and reliable Partner to create new projects and communication campaigns, Antonio and his Komm Unit and Kuraro Production teams are based in Milan and are ready to collaborate with you in the following areas:

Management consultancy for brand development, positioning and communication.

Development of advertising campaigns for TV, Internet and Social Media.

Production of videos, films, documentaries, interviews, reports.

Realization of photographic services.

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your projects and request an evaluation and an intervention plan via email.

KOMM UNIT SRL, Via della Liberazione 27 -  20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI)

PIVA: 08875020961


Among the numerous collaborations of Antonio, the following brands stand out:

IBM, Computer Associates, Kodak, BMW, MINI, Pirelli, Barilla, Voiello, HP, Intel, SAP, Telecom Italia, Amgen, Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca, T-Systems Deutsche Telekom Group, Etnoteam, Siemens, Fujitsu, Toni&Guy, Label.m, Agilent, CSC, NEC, TAS Group, Etnia Barcelona, Fede Cheti Eyewear, Rubelli, Blu Media Hong Kong, Fondazione Italiana Diabete, RTS, Doctors of the World.









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